Lampang, a chariot town with interesting Lanna Thai civilization It is another province that is full of natural attractions. Both the Phantom Pan Nam mountain range The origin of the Wang River And many national parks As well as being one of the must-see tourist destinations in Thailand, from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Especially at the end of the year, the cooler weather helps to add good atmosphere. To travel more Who is looking for a winter trip in this govivigo, inviting friends to come to Lampang.

1. Quagmire, Phukhiew

Phu Khieo is a must visit in the deep forest that should not be missed for the wanderers. In which this is a natural basin of upstream forest There are various rare fish species. Also live this The special thing of Khom Phak Khieo is Clear stream is a emerald green blue color. When you see it, you will be stunned by the beauty beyond words. Phu Khieo Hom is therefore the Unseen tourist attraction of Lampang.

Location: Lom Phu Khiao, Tham Pha Thai National Park 1, Ngao District, Lampang Province

2. Kafu Falls

Kaifu Waterfall is a waterfall created by humans. Which aims to increase natural water sources in Tham Pha Thai National Park Which is a waterfall with water flowing all year round Kafu Falls are very important to the ecosystem in the watershed. Making this waterfall become another famous tourist attraction of Lampang

Location: Kaoh Foo Waterfall, Tham Pha Thai National Park 1, Ngao District, Lampang Province

3. Chae Son Waterfall

Chae Son Waterfall is a large waterfall located in Chae Son National Park. Which is well-known to tourists In addition to being full of beautiful natural forests There is also a natural hot spring to soak in the hot spring comfortably. And most importantly, Chae Son Park also has two other waterfalls within the park: Mae Mon Waterfall, a large waterfall and the water source in Chae Son Park and Mae Wet Waterfall. A small waterfall that receives water from Chae Son waterfall.

Location: Chae Son Waterfall, Chae Son National Park, Muang Pan District, Lampang Province

4. Wang Kaew Waterfall

At Doi Luang National Park There is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lampang is the Wang Kaew waterfall, which is a large waterfall in a rich rainforest. The waterfall has 11 floors with a height of 500 meters. The waterfall has water flowing all year round. Is another popular place for tourists. Since there is an important highlight at the top of the waterfall is a large cave that can be seen on the mountain as far as Kwan Phayao.

Location: Wang Kaew Waterfall, Doi Luang National Park, Wang Nuea District, Lampang Province

5. Mae Wa Waterfall

Mae Wa Waterfall is located in Mae Wa National Park. There are a total of 9 floors. Each floor will have different beauty. The 8th and 9th levels are the most beautiful waterfalls. Mae Wa Waterfall is considered a tourist attraction that passers Thoen district often stop here.

Location: Mae Wa National Park, Thoen District, Lampang Province