Anyone who is looking for a new atmosphere In inviting someone special or family to a perfect dinner Recommend here “Chao Phraya Princess Boat” CHAO PHRAYA PRINCESS that is not just a normal river view. But can go down to chill and enjoy the view of the Chao Phraya River in 360 degrees While also enjoying international buffet that can be scoop unlimitedly Well, like this, I’d like to try it already, right? Let’s go check it out.

Travel: Begin the trip at River City Pier or Siphraya Pier. (Soi Charoen Krung 30) If anyone comes by private car, can take the car to park at the River City Parking Building immediately or take the BTS to Taksin station. From then, continue with the Chao Phraya Express Boat. Getting to the Si Phraya Pier is also convenient.

When he arrived at the pier To travel to Pier 1 of River City, opposite the coffee shop The Coffee Club, which will have a booth of Chao Phraya Princess Boat is located, can register to get a boat ticket here.

When it’s time to board the boat, our seat can be seen on the ticket received when registering. The seats inside the boat will be divided into 2 zones which are 1st floor, air-conditioned room seats and 2nd floor outdoor seats. For those who want to appreciate the atmosphere on both sides of the Chao Phraya River at night But whether sitting on the 1st floor or 2nd floor of the boat, all passengers can walk to see the scenery of both banks of the Chao Phraya River throughout the boat

Get on the boat and receive the welcome drink of Chaopraya Princess Freshen up before enjoying the international buffet line. First of all, have to start a bit more appetizing with a salad bar or a light soup. Then go to complete the whole Thai food like Tom Yum Kung spicy flavor, Pad Thai, Fried fish cake, Vermicelli salad, Thai papaya salad and big salt-baked shrimp

Western food includes baked spinach, cheese, French fries, spaghetti, minced chicken, tomato sauce. Sirloin steak with black pepper sauce Japanese food is served with a variety of sushi. Choose delicious. Or will try Indian food Like Naan Flour served with Chicken Massaman Curry, it tastes rich

End the meal with a variety of desserts, including chocolate brownies, coffee cakes, orange cakes, and soft pudding. And seasonal mixed fruits

Eat and enjoy the view Because while we were eating There will be live music from singers to sing beautiful songs. To listen all the way too Or whoever eats to the full, then goes to stand to take a picture, holds the atmosphere, is very romantic

Cruise time: It will take around 2 hours from 19.30 – 21.30 hrs. We will enjoy the night atmosphere amid the beautiful music. Experience the life of villagers along both sides of the river. And the boat also cruises through many important places, such as Wat Yao Nawa, Taksin Bridge, Peninsula Hotel Kanlayanamit Temple Santa Cruz Church, Pho Temple, Thammasat University, Siriraj Hospital, Fort Phra Sumen Santichai Prakan Garden Pin Klao Bridge Rama VIII Bridge But the highlight is at Arun Temple and the Grand Palace

After the end of the trip, I was happy. Chaophraya Princess. For anyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of a cruise with a romantic dinner like this.