During the rainy season this year, if you still don’t know where to go, coming to ‘‘ Chaiyaphum ’’ is definitely good for you. Since Chaiyaphum is convenient to travel, only 4 hours drive to the destination. Chaiyaphum has many outstanding attractions. Follow and watch to guarantee that you will like it unconsciously.

1. Kra Jiew flower fields

Krachiew flower field Considered as an important tourist destination of Chaiyaphum Province When entering the rainy season of every year Most tourists will think of the fields of Krachiew flowers as the first place in tourism. The Krachiew flower fields in Chaiyaphum have 2 places to visit, which are

  1. Pa Hin Ngam National Park
  2. Sai Thong National Park

Visiting tourists to experience the Krachiew flower field or Bua Sawan field. Tens of thousands of flowers bloom throughout the forest. Can say that it’s beautiful and impressive Krachiew flowers can be visited. From the middle of June to the end of August of every year

Location: Sai Thong National Park, Thep Sathit District, Phakdi Chumphon District Chaiyaphum

2. Rocky Land Sheep Farm

Cr. Thung Cosmos, Rocky Sheep Farm, Thep Sathit, Chaiyaphum

Not far from the fields of Krachiew flowers very much Come stop by to visit here. Rocky Land Farm Is a large scale farm that has been launched for a while Once inside, we will meet a large number of shifts. Waiting to welcome the tourists uninterrupted The sheep here are big, furry, cute, and here they have natural mountain views for us to take some cool selfies. In addition, the Rocky Land sheep farm also provides accommodation.

Location: Rocky Sheep Farm, Wang Tathep Intersection, Thep Sathit District, Chaiyaphum
Farm admission fee: 50 baht per person

3. Bung Fourteen House Agricultural tourism village

Cr. Tourism Authority of Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima Office

Continue with the hottest village of Chaiyaphum. Bung Fourteen House This is a very interesting place to visit. With a small community that wants to build a new tourist destination by itself The villagers therefore helped to build “Agricultural Tourism Village” ’has been established. Which the way of life of the villagers here is bound to nature We will feel the stream of Phu Khieo. View cruise Visit various fruit gardens such as Thongdee Pomelo White rice, honey, banana, lychee, etc. There is also a folk performance of the villagers to watch. For anyone who likes this super chill atmosphere, you should not miss it.

Location: Ban Bung Sip Si, Non Thong Sub-district, Kaset Sombun District Chaiyaphum

4. White Rock

Mor Hin Khao is a large stone pillar with the nickname “Stonehenge in Thailand”. It is located in Phu Lan Kha National Park, 40 kilometers from Muang District. Khao Hin Khao is one of the beautiful viewpoints in Chaiyaphum Each stone pillar is between 195-175 million years because of the accumulation of sand sediment, clay powder until 65 million years passed, the movement of the earth’s crust and the force squeezed below. Resulting in erosion and decomposition into monolithic columns and monoliths like today In addition, the white rock is the point where we have the opportunity to see the constellations in the night sky very well.

Location: Mor Hin Khao, Phu Lan Kha National Park Tha Hin Ngam Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province

5. Tat Ton Waterfall

Tat Ton Waterfall is located in Tat Ton National Park. Is a large waterfall with water flowing all year round Especially in the rainy season is especially beautiful It is an ideal place to take the family to rest happily. The waterfall has a height of about 6 meters, width of about 5 meters. There is a large pool for playing with fun. A trip to visit this waterfall is easy. Because there is convenient transportation Making Tat Ton waterfall is very popular with tourists.

Location: Tat Ton Waterfall, Tat Ton National Park, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province

6. Pha Koeng

Pha Koeng is a natural place in the area of ​​Chaiyaphum Phithak Temple. Nong Bua Daeng District When we reach the destination, we will see a view of a high cliff shaped like a protruding moon. Overlooking the rice fields and forest. On the top of Pha Koeng, there will be Phra Pha Koeng relics for people to worship for the good fortune in life.

Location: Pha Koeng, Chaiyaphum Phithak Temple Nong Bua Daeng District Chaiyaphum

7. Phu Khiao Wildlife Culture Station

This will be a place to raise rare wildlife conservation. By opening in a zoo-like style so tourists can stop by to see all kinds of wildlife, such as peacocks, pheasant, pheasant, deer, deer, and other wildlife Endangered It is considered as a place to observe wildlife that should be preserved in Thailand. We can go to see the Phu Khiao Wildlife Sanctuary everyday. By opening from 08:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: overlapping areas of 3 districts, Phu Khiao District, Khon San District, Kaset Sombun District, Chaiyaphum Province

8. Chulabhorn Dam

Chulabhorn Dam Is a large dam that supports water from Phu Khiao National Park Which is a place with a good atmosphere, refreshing, above the dam has beautiful scenery The weather is cool all year round. In addition, we can also take a boat to watch the view of the Chulabhorn Dam. Another interesting thing here is Winter Plant Test Center You will see many winter plants that have been cultivated and a gazebo to view the gallop. With a height of more than 800 meters, the Chulabhorn Dam has a house for tourists, accommodation prices range from 150 – 1,000 baht per night

Location: Thung Phra Subdistrict, Khon San District, Chaiyaphum Province

9. Khao Phang Hei Viewpoint

Another natural attraction that is very interesting. Here is a viewpoint of the sea, fog and sunrise in the morning. It is considered a very beautiful viewpoint along the way. He is broken and is part of the Phetchabun Mountains. Is a chic check-in point that tourists should not miss during the rainy season. In addition, there are also shops in the area around the outskirts of the village.

Location: Along the highway 225 Chaiyaphum – Nakhon Sawan Approximately 70 kilometers in Phakdi Chumphon District Chaiyaphum

10. Phu Khiao – Thung Kam Mang

Phukhieo – Thung Kam Mang Is a large wildlife sanctuary Which is outstanding in regard to one of the most abundant natural ecosystems in Thailand The highlight that will be seen when coming here is to watch wildlife herds closely, such as deer, deer, deer, including a chance to meet a herd of bison. Endangered wildlife Considered as a natural area that tourists must find opportunities for trekking straight away.

Location: overlapping areas of 3 districts, Phu Khiao District, Khon San District, Kaset Sombun District Chaiyaphum

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